Why is it called the CIA Invert?

Do you know the unbelievable true story behind the CIA Invert? What started as a secret agreement among CIA employees in 1986, became international news just a year later, and when the dust settled, three CIA employees would be forced to resign, in the most exciting stamp story in decades. But where did it all start, […]

With the turn of the 20th Century, stamps saw an ever expanding variety in content. While Presidents, Kings and Queens remained a staple of 19th Century Issues, with the advent of Commemorative Issues, stamps were soon portraying everything from the Pan-American Exposition held in Buffalo in 1901, to National Parks. While many today consider these […]

New! Real Time Auction Updates

Fellow Philatelist, Today, we’re happy to announce Real Time Auction Updates throughout HipStamp! What are Real Time Auction Updates? As you know, one of the most exciting parts about HipStamp are our online auctions – with several thousand stamp auctions ending every week. Previously on HipStamp, to catch the excitement in real time, you would […]

October 2016 Sales Report for HipStamp

What are Sales Like on HipStamp? Since we first launched HipStamp earlier this year, and subsequently acquired bidStart, one of the questions we often hear is what are Sales like on HipStamp? And more specifically – is HipStamp selling more stamps than bidStart used to Sell? As we move forward, the answer to this question […]

We’re Trying Something New this Week One of the most exciting parts about buying stamps online – are online auctions. At HipStamp, each day we have hundreds of different auctions ending, and there are always great deals and finds for stamp collectors like yourself. With that in mind, this week we’re trying something a little […]