October 2016 Sales Report for HipStamp

What are Sales Like on HipStamp?

Since we first launched HipStamp earlier this year, and subsequently acquired bidStart, one of the questions we often hear is what are Sales like on HipStamp? And more specifically – is HipStamp selling more stamps than bidStart used to Sell?

As we move forward, the answer to this question will be transparent to our members, as we intend to release Detailed Quarterly GMV (Sales) Reports, reflecting our total Sales within HipStamp each Quarter.

The first of which will be released at the end of our first full quarter post our bidStart acquisition – which is Q4 of 2016. However, ahead of then, we wanted to share our excitement with you for October 2016! But first, a little back story…

When we migrated bidStart into HipStamp in September of 2016 – we set out a simple goal with regards to GMV (Sales). We wanted to ensure that in September, we had the same combined GMV between bidStart and HipStamp that we had the prior month – before bidStart was migrated. We’re happy to report that this was exactly what we accomplished – with a GMV of $105,000 for September, which was in line with August, and above the average we saw across the prior 12 months.

For October, our first full month post the bidStart migration, we set out to increase our GMV, as we intend to do each month moving forward. With October now behind us – we’re happy to report that we exceeded our own internal goals with GMV of $140,000 in October, an increase of 33%!

Our goal at HipStamp is to be the number one stamp marketplace in the world, and we plan to work together with you, our members, to ensure we continue to significantly grow each month. Many of you have already started to see our new marketing efforts online, and we’ll be gearing up our marketing plans significantly starting in 2017 – so stay tuned!

– Mark Rosenberg
CEO & Founder
Hip eCommerce / HipStamp

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