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With the turn of the 20th Century, stamps saw an ever expanding variety in content. While Presidents, Kings and Queens remained a staple of 19th Century Issues, with the advent of Commemorative Issues, stamps were soon portraying everything from the Pan-American Exposition held in Buffalo in 1901, to National Parks.

While many today consider these stamps as beautiful, miniature pieces of art, did you know that this was not always the case? In fact, when countries first started issuing more and more stamps each year, there was a growing group of collectors at the time who fought back against the prospect of having to lay out every growing sums of money to acquire stamps of the world each year. This even lead to the formation of the Society for the Suppression of Speculative Stamps in 1895 to blacklist what they deemed to be excessive stamps!

As Collectors widely ignored the advice of the Society, and continued to collect the wide variety of stamps being issued in the 20th Century, the Society quickly dissolved. That trend continues today, as this week our trending category on HipStamp is 20th Century Issues.

With Over 2 Million 20th Century Stamps currently on HipStamp, we’re not too sure the Society for the Suppression of Speculative Stamps would approve, but HipStamp members certainly do, which has pushed 20th Century issues to the top of our trending list this week.

Search for Multiple Catalog Numbers at Once

Don’t forget that on HipStamp, you can easily search by Country and Catalog Number, as well as multiple Catalog Numbers. Just separate each number within your search by either a comma, or a dash for ranges. So for example, you can easily search and find Pan-American Issues by searching for: United States #294-299


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