Another "Why?"

Why do so many dealers leave the stamp condition out of the title? For some dealers, no condition listed means "Used." But, for others it means "Unused," (i.e. hinged). What makes it worse is when they don't even provide an image with the listing.

Their loss, though. If they can't bother with the courtesy of providing the most basic information, I'm not wasting my time in their store.


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  • And why would you, or why would anyone else.
    Not all sellers on HipStamps are Dealers though. Just because one has a store does not mean they are a stamp dealer.
    I have a store, but I am not a stamp dealer, I am have a hobby, I luv stamps.
    I only list a few of whatever stamps I want to from over 50 Albums full of stamps worth nothing to worth next to nothing to a reasonable buy price.
    A Premium Store with only 83 listings
  • My listings indicate whether an item is used, MNH, MLH, MH or MHR but I don't bother with descriptions of centering, cancel (unless it's unusual). Every stamp I list includes a quality scan and the potential buyer can decide for him/herself whether it's F, VF, etc., or if the cancel is really ugly. How many times have a seen a stamp listed as VF being F+ at best. I agree that sellers who don't provide an image are short-changing themselves, even if they do a full description in the text.
  • Same here, I think its better to have a good scan, and add whatever is NOT visible, but the rest, the potential buyer can decide by himself what are his criterias. For my info... what is MHR?
  • A mint stamp should be just the way it came from the Post Office so it should not be hinged or have a hinge remnant.
  • Douglas what are you talking about? Mint stamps come MNH mint never hinged, MLH mint lightly hinged, MHR mint hinge remnant, and MNG mint no gum. Never hinged is most desirable but for collecting only MNH you need a huge budget. While MNG are much less valuable and just as pretty from the front.
  • I use "Unused" when the stamp has any gum disturbance.

  • I agree with Bob that if the gum has been disturbed by a hinge it should be classified as "Unused".
  • Philosophically I agree with "unused". But the MNH, MLH, MHR, and MNG descriptions have been in use since long before I started in business back in 1985.

    When in Rome ............... although I must say I no longer try to describe degree of hinging, or whether there is a remnant or not because with some of the old hinges it is hard to tell. I just use MNH and MH. On the other hand I will not sell a stamp with a noticeable bulge from hinging. If it catalogs over a couple of dollars I will soak it and sell it as a no gum. If it doesn't it goes into the donation box or trash.
  • I agree that no picture ensures no interest from me. I want to see a stamp that I am going to buy BEFORE I buy it. Some sellers actually scan the back of the stamp if there is a noticeable problem with the hinge or gum. I find that a real positive added benefit. It makes me want to come back to that seller more often. Scanning is so easy now that to not make the effort is inexcusable! But that's just my opinion...and in the end, my money! :)
  • I agree with the "Mint = as from PO" philosophy and I also use "Unused" to describe anything with any gum blemish. I do use Mint NGAI (no gum as issued) for issues made with no gum in the first place, for that is how they were issued from the PO. I also understand the established philosophy that "Mint" is equivalent to "Unused", so things like "MLH" can exist. Although I don't subscribe to it, it's just a reality that the philosophies need to coexist, and it helps if the seller identifies what their lingo and any abbreviations mean to them.
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