When is a "sale" not a sale

Been taken aback by announcements of sales when nothing is really in sale from the usual listings. Yes all prices are discounted from the catalog value, but shouldn't the announcement of a 50% off sale be from the previous listing prices and not from the catalog price.
I am getting a bit tired of the games some sellers seem to be playing.


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  • Amen, brother.

  • "I am getting a bit tired of the games some sellers seem to be playing."
    That's another reason why I would find the ability to block a seller from a search helpful.
  • I can not talk for others but my sales are based on my listing prices which in almost all cases are already less then one half catalogue. No games when there is a sale. 20%, 25% or more are based on my listings which are not altered for a sale. In other words, catalogue: $1.00 may be listed at .45 or less. The sale is on the .45. Not the catalogue.price.
    Larry from: Big Larry,s "little" Stamp Store
  • As I get more SALES notices, including the special 25%, 40% or even 50% specials for Memorial Day, I am truly disappointed by the semingly lack of HipStamp policy or of enforcement if such policy exists, on making sure that an advertised sale is a sale, and not an excuse to blast the membership list through emails or discussion board posts, with what can only be called FALSE advertising.
    Reminds me of department stores upping their prices the week before the "sale" prices were posted. It fools no one!
    Sellers, in my opinion, if you put something on sale it must be from your previously listed price, and not from some dubious catalog value! Sellers...you know who you are, stop the con game.
    Mark,. please give the buyers the tools to block sellers, and their annoying emails!
  • To stop receiving a seller's email, click on Unsubscribe at the end of the email. If it is a communal email including many sellers at one time from HipStamp, then I don't know how to stop those, but I haven't looked to do that either.
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    One of those sellers who perpetually has a fake sale going on also makes up his own defintions of universally accepted grades, leaving it up to the customer to search the listing notes to see what fakery he uses. He uses the term "Used" to mean "Used faulty," and everything thing else that isn't faulty is Very Fine (VFU) such as this one:


    This guy is a blight on the hobby.

  • better yet, a fire hose
  • Thanks Michael. I have now followed your advice and unsubscribed to the Hipstamp flood of "Sales" notices. Too many everyday and too many of no interest. What I would like is a coupling of my "favorite sellers" with notices, and no one else! I guess I have to unsuscribe individually. Aaah well...
  • I received a HipStamp email with a system sale message. You can unsubscribe from those as well as the emails from the individual HipStamp sellers.
  • With a Featured or Premium Store Subscription, you may be eligible to receive free marketing support - including Seller "Newsllers, which we can automatically send on your behalf to your past customers. To get started, or learn more, contact your Seller Account Manager today; or click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of our site. "
    This is the only thing that is on the news letter page.
    Dealers can not send news letters themselves. These are generated by HipStamps. However the dealer is asked to put things on sale. Generally my prices are close to 50% off Low Brookman. then the sale price is off of that. So 20% off would be 40% from low brookman.
  • I am still adjusting prices from the whole switch from BidStart so some prices are low and some are high.
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