Social Media Lacking

I noticed the Hipstamp page on Facebook has 100 likes. Where is the love? Another annoyance is when users buyers or sellers do not give feedback, it takes 10 seconds and builds community.


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  • Too busy....
  • I don't know of many stamp collectors who are heavy users of social media. I have a Facebook page but only visit once or twice a week and have never visited Hipstamp, I have a flip phone I use to talk on - not a smartphone. I have never used an "app". No interest whatsoever. I do not want to carry my entire life around with me on an item subjecct to hacking or loss. Just my two cents.
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    Carol, I am 100% what you wrote, except that I go to my Facebook page less than you go to yours.
  • Carol, isn't it great not having a smart phone? I have a flip phone also and I get along with it just fine. I do visit FB a couple times a week, but I don't live there, I have way too many other things to do!
  • I love my smartphone and couldn't live without it, but having said that I also don't Facebook, Spacepage, twitter, flutter, flitter, myspace, yourspace, WeAllSpace, etc. I even use my smartphone to make actual phone calls (something my daughter's generation can't quite understand)
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    Well, if you make a phone call, you have to actually talk to someone. That's what they don't know how to do.

    It's ridiculous going to a restaurant and seeing a family of four sitting at a table. All four are texting someone else not with them. That's NOT a "family night out".
  • Reminds me of a sign I saw at a Deli ... We have no WI-FI, put your phones away, pretend it's 1995 and talk to your family!

    It was a hoot, I love it.
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