Michel Numbers included in Title

Some of my titles have both Scott and Michel numbers. I don't include the word Scott, but I do include the word Michel. For example:
Austria 633 - Michel 1042 - 1958. I found that when I uploaded my csv file, the HipStamp system captured the Michel number, not the Scott #. Once I realized that, I tried to search for those listings with "Michel" in the title, in order to edit them, placing the Scott # in the catalog # box. But the search engine could not find Austria 1042, Austria Michel 1042, or even simply 1042.

The problem is that the system records the Michel catalog number with an "MI" prefix and no space between the prefix and the number, e.g. MI1042. So your search term would have to be Austria MI1042.

Just thought I'd give a heads up to anyone else using Michel #s, who might be experiencing trouble finding your listings.



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  • Thanks. We actually made an update today, that significantly improves search results. Searching for either Austria Michel 1042, or Austria Mi 1042, or Austria Mi1042 should all work now. We'll also make some more improvements in the future to listings with both Scott and Michel numbers.
  • 2 thumbs up, Mark.
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