Need Help with China Shanghai

Hi any help would be appreciated with these. I guess they are local post but not sure about the HK overprint. Perfs are 15 and 11.5.


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  • Andrew, I am just wondering (without the obvious advantage of seeing the stamps) if in fact, that is not an overprint but a 'Manuscript Cancel' ????? Dan
  • Hi Dan, they might be but I have never seen this type. Thus I am reaching out.
  • Andrew.. if you look close they are not uniform as an overprint would be.. spacing is different. I think a creative local postman initialed to cancel. only a guess but I have seen similar Before. Dan

  • is there gum on the Stamps??
  • Yes all have gum slightly disturbed.
  • Hey Dan, any indication of value I would like to list these but not sure what the prices are.

  • I am somewhat 'winging it' here, if my own I would list as an Auction & start the 3 as 1 lot. With a US$9.00 Start Price. If, its too high.. no bids you can go lower.. if its low you should get multiple Bids (its a popular area) taking it to a fair market level. Good luck with them, Dan
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