Not TakenContact Us Timing Out With Firefox

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I tried a couple of times to send a notification through the "Contact Us" messaging, but each time I got a "Document Expired" message from FireFox browser.


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  • Just FYI, this is working fine now.
  • I just tried to post message using the Question form from item description page, and both times I got an error "The selected topic doesnt exist or you are not allowed to view it. ", even though above that it says the message posted successfully, although there is NOTHING in my sent folder.
  • Ronald - What item listing are you referring to specifically?
  • It turns out that the messages posted despite the error message, there appears to have been a several minute time out from time I tried to post the message, to the time they decided to appear in my sent folder. So the lucky seller now has three messages from me. Maybe he will think I care. (insert smiley face here.) Thanks for getting back to me. I am halfway walking through all 614 or so stamps in my store, adding back images that show both front and back, and cleaning up text, and updating Scott Catalog prices to 2016 for all but the lowest price items where not worth the effort. Thanks for taking this outlet back over, I was on BidStart, and lived through the farce of Stanley Gibbons. I am fully retired now, not even doing consulting, and am working to put a lot more material (thousands of items, actually, from decades of accumulation) into my store over next couple of months. Thanks again.
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