I'm nervous :(


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    Alexa does not measure site traffic directly. It uses a sample of subset data from a small group of users (I believe those who have the "Alexa Toolbar" installed in their browser). Outside of the top 1000 sites or so it's not very accurate. For example, read this article: http://socialmedia.biz/2011/01/10/7-tools-to-monitor-your-competitors-traffic

    With regards to actual traffic, we continue to grow month over month at HipStamp - so there's nothing to be nervous about in that regard. While we do not currently publish site traffic in detail, I would say that SEMRush's report with regards to month over month growth is much closer to our actual than Alexa (and per the above article SEMRush is generally more reliable sites outside the top 1000): https://www.semrush.com/info/hipstamp.com?db=us
  • While it is nice to see how many people are looking at Hipstamp, or becoming members of Hipstamp the most important figure to me is my sales volume at Hipstamp. My sales volume varies monthly but in general is increasing nicely from the Bad Old Days of SGM and I continue to get new customers at Hipstamp. The stamp business traditionally is a bit slower in the warm weather months when other activities like gardening, birdwatching, etc, etc, can take collectors away from their collections.
  • The Forum on Hip Stamps is a great thing. I would love to see more articles by stamp specialists telling us about some little known philatelic fact. For instance it was frequently reported that only one Canadian 2c Large Queen was known on laid paper (USC #32 Cat. Fine CDN.$350,000 or VG CDN. $125,000) but within the last 10 years one was found in a circuit book priced at a few dollars. Now I look at the 2017 USC and they show (3 known all used). When the third one showed up I don't know but I would like to learn. The laid paper shows up with light and dark line when held up to the light and if you have any Canadian 2c Large Queens it may pay you to look for the laid paper variety. John Talman
  • In regards to the 2c Laid Canada Large Queen one of my contacts says he has heard that Queen Elizabeth has one in the Royal collection and he said dealer George Holschauer has the third one QE II being a fourth one if it exists and I have not heard whether her copy is used like the rest or unused. Still only 3 used listed in USC cat. John
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