Items from same seller showing up in two separate shopping carts.

Obviously, this means either the buyer must pay two shipping costs and the seller gets whacked with two PayPal fees or both parties must take time to work out some arrangement. The cause is probably due to my shopping both from my desktop and from my iPad, I guess, but is there no workaround for this?


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  • I should have added that the three auction items I won from this seller were showing up in *both* carts, but after I made my purchase the duplicate cart seems to have vanished. (In this case the solution was easy, because there was only one additional item in Cart B, so I just deleted it and added it to Cart A, but it would be too much trouble to transfer, say, a dozen items using that method.)
  • I've had this happen with one seller. When placing orders items ended up in two orders for the same seller. To me it looked like the seller may have had two stores on Hipstamp, but not on purpose. I contacted the seller before completing the order. He was aware of it and wasn't really sure how to fix it, but he combined the orders and only charged one shipping fee.
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