Adding data on a store's content to help buyers not waste time

When I am looking for items, such as a large number of stamps for a specific country, I like to know what stores offer substantial material vs which ones only have a handful. Looking at the content list of each store, I can only see how many items they have in a specific country/region if I click several times to see the results. It would be a tremendous improvement if the stores lists had the number of available item also displayed, in every cut at the list a buyer may look at. Example store A has 15000 items to find how many items he may offer in say Europe, you need to click on the next level. But here the countries are listed, without any content numbers, so next click on the country to see if it is worth looking further or not.... so a buyer is in the blind.
As a buyer looking into an area of interest, I would like to have some indication of stores content without so many clicks to eventually determine if it is worth my time or not.


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