Spanish Stamps ?

I have not been able to identify these 5 Spanish Stamps that have a Guinea overprint on them. Does anyone know anything about them ? Thanks, Stevesgunknown


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  • They are charity stamps of Spain (Not postage) overprinted for Spanish Guinea, and then surcharged.
    Also exist overprinted for Spanish Morocco, Cape Juby, etc.
  • Doesn't the Habilitado overprint validate the stamps for postage?
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    The same request to identify these stamps was asked on another site. The person answering the answer for these stamps on that site believes them to be bogus, but states that a Spain specialist may have more information.
  • Edifil 7-11 RA stamps. 33 euros new 15.50 used private issue.
  • Habilitado means "enabled" or :"authorized" The stamps are now 5 cts each.
    There is also a 5ct stamp in the original set (Not surcharged)
    Many private issue Spanish stamps such as these are inscribed Correos even though invalid for postage.
  • Thanks for the information - Carlos are you saying these 5 stamps catalog in the Edifil catalog for 33 euros which would be about $38.00 USD ? I am somewhat surprised by that ! Thanks, Steve
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