US Dollar Currently Worth Roughly One Third More Against Canadian Dollar!!!

During 2017 I decided to spend more time on making stamp offers on Hip Stamps. Sales in July and August have shown better results due to our efforts and we have added 100's of new offers to the site. At this time we are still offering some items in Canadian funds which show up as C$value whatever the price is in Canadian dollars. Since the US dollar is worth so much more when you look at these Canadian dollar prices you can calculate 25% less for the price in US dollars. Price C$100.00 is only US$75.00. Ad a third to US$75 and it becomes $100.00 Canadian. Simple - I hope so but the savings are there. We offer a large BNA stock which will gradually be increased in our offers on HS and we also have many British Commonwealth and World issues inc. PRC that we can also adf if encouraged to do so.
Hope to hear from you soon. All the best!


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  • This Promo was only started on August 14 but since then the Canadian dollar has been on an upswing! At that time the US dollar was worth roughly a third more than the Canadian dollar. Now its worth roughly 30% more than the Canadian dollar. The day we started this promo we got three orders. During August we have added probably 100, (what I would call) desirable lots to our site and while many of them are in US funds some are still being offered in Canadian funds. We want to do more business on Hip Stamps and hope you will take a look at our offers on this site. Let us know what I can do to spark your interest. I have a lot of interesting stamps to offer.
  • The Trump Administration is facing its first major natural disaster it has faced. Hurricane Harvey has caused havoc in Texas and elsewhere in the USA. Canada and the USA are good neighbours and Canada wants to help. I understand Baby Formula, cribs and other supplies are on the way from here. Pediatric kits , etc. will follow. Many fund raisers have been started and we want to help. Sorry to hear about the loss of life but someone must have done something right as so far it is a lot less than when Katrina hit New Orleans. We don't feel the affects of such a disaster here as much as you do of course but I won't elaborate on the affects here in this brief message. We wish you a speedy recovery and hope things come back to normal soon.
  • A new thread by Michael Dodd in Chatter is taking a look at US dollar versus the Pound Sterling under "Watching FX". Many of my sales and purchases involve foreign buyers or sellers and things can change so fast that it could cost you a lot of money if you don't pay attention. This thread compares US dollar versus Canadian dollar and on August 14/17 the US dollar was worth 1/3rd more than the Canadian dollar but now it is only worth 22% more a drop of about 1/3rd of the approx. 33%. A better time for Canadians to buy in the US or take a holiday there but at the same time your dollar is still worth 22% more than ours. Still a good time for you to buy here. I know I have to adjust some of my prices that are priced in US dollars when your dollar was worth 33% more. Time is so important.
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