How we're listening to your feature requests.

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We're always excited to hear about ways in which our members currently use HipStamp, and it's awesome to see all of the product feedback and feature requests our members are sharing right here in our forums. Many of you have asked what happens with the feedback after you submit it and I'm happy to share our process with you.

First and foremost, please know that we see your feedback and we are taking it into account. While we cannot make any guarantees on specific feedback and requests, we're continuously reviewing your comments and posts here.

Here's how it works:

The feedback we collect from the forums is integrated internally with our product development and customer feedback process. We capture your feedback from the forums, then aggregate it and cross reference it with the feedback our teams collect from the thousands of members we communicate with each month. Then we prioritize all requests against many factors including company vision, business needs/impact, and so on. We do not share a product roadmap because we are unable to promise a timeline and we want to ensure that the features and updates we release are as well made as possible. We wouldn't want to release a sub-par feature just to meet a deadline, and often our priorities change based on continuous information we're collecting. So, while we can't promise a timeline or that every piece of feedback will be implemented, we can promise that we take your feedback seriously and we are considering it alongside other customer feedback at HipStamp.

We wouldn't be able to continue growing month over month without awesome members like yourself - and appreciate the detailed information you provide to us to help us improve! Thanks Again!
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