Important: Recent Suspicious Messages to Sellers

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We have recently become aware, that earlier today, an individual had created multiple accounts on our website, with the intention of messaging individual Sellers, indicating that they were having issues with a (non-existent) order. Furthermore, this individual indicated to the Sellers in question that they had contacted HipStamp Support, and HipStamp Support provided them with a zip file of screenshots of the order in question.

Please be advised that this individual is acting maliciously, and the information being provided by this individual is false. Furthermore, the URL which purports to have a zip file which needs to be downloaded - should absolutely not be downloaded - as the URL in question ( is not owned or operated in anyway by HipStamp. If you have received a similar message as described, please ignore the message, and do not attempt to download any files from this individual, as we do not believe it is safe to do so.

We have contacted the domain registrar in question and asked that this domain name be deactivated. We have also de-activated the accounts this individual has opened with us, deleted the messages in question, and are taking further action to protect our Sellers and community. We will post further updates on this issue within our forums.


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  • I just received a weird email this morning that does not even remotely 'smell' right -- some HipStamp member with ZERO FEEDBACK, and for whom English does not seem to be his primary language, is claiming he paid me for an item recently but has not received it. The email contains a link which I DID NOT click on.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 9.45.58 AM copy

    Has anyone else received a similar email this morning? I figured Mark and the HipStamp team would like to see this!
  • Yes, I received 2 of them. Luckily I did not open them as my virus protection stated these were infected. In 20+ years on ebay this has never happened.........
  • Two different "0" users claiming they bought a stamp which they clearly did not.
  • Yep, I received one of these from a different user. I reported it to the Hipstamp helpdesk so maybe they can create a filter for this spam.

  • In the last hour, I have received messages from sellers with 0 feedback saying they bought stamps and never received them. They sent screenshots of the account. When I downloaded them my antivirus went crazy. Anyone else having this issue.
  • I reached out to HipStamp support and Mark regarding this a couple of minutes ago. The domain name does not belong to the company and was created this morning so it's definitely someone trying to cause trouble. In the case of the buyer that emailed me, his account was also created today so the story doesn't even make sense.
  • Received one today with a link, also reported it to hipstamp
  • Oops, didn't see this. Yes same here.
  • Hello,

    Justin here from HipStamp. We appreciate you alerting us to this. We are working to address this so it does not impact anyone else and should have it resolved shortly. If you receive the message posted above, please do not click the link in the message.

  • I just got one myself a couple of minutes ago, with the title "Reply urgently" from sender "centfassnetna1978".
  • I also received 2 of these - exact same text - different user names.
  • It appears that way. I just had three myself and when I tried to respond it erased the original messages. I didn't download the screenshots though.
  • It just happened to me too !! - The message came to my email and said Hipstamp support told them to send the problem to me. I logged in and saw the message and tried clicking on the link and my antivirus blocked it as a dangerous file. Then I went back to my messages and the message was gone. The stamp in the subject line of the message was the last stamp I had added in my inventory. The person had 0 feedback but now except for the email I got - there is no sign of this. I forward the email to support . Now I am concerned what were they trying to get at with that link. I guess I will change my password here and on PayPal. Steve
  • Yeah, I got one of those too. I knew it was nonsense - I received no such order or PayPal payment. When I went to look at the so-called screenshots, they were in some strange format, so I had my anti-virus software take a look. It went nuts, declaring it to be a virus.
  • I just responded to the other thread on this. - it just happened to me too !
  • I just got one of those too but had no virus issues (perhaps since I only tried to open their screenshots and didn't save them). I responded explaining that my store was on extended vacation but when I replied, I saw that my response went out of HipStamp and somewhere else and there was no record of either the inbound or outbound message on the HS site. ...guess I should run my anti-virus programs....sigh.....
  • I got one too. Anti-virus software blocked it.
  • Here too. I received two separate, different messages. Did not click on anything.
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    Here is a heads up for a potential scam for Hip Stamp members: Received the below communication through my normal email; no such message exists on the Hip Stamp system. Never sold anything to this individual; Hip Stamp Sales page verifies; did not go to the web address included in email. Providing this as a warning of potential fraud on Hip Stamp sellers......
    New Message Received
    New Message Received Notification

    You have received a new message in your inbox on HipStamp.
    Message details:

    Sender: doparepub1978
    Title: Order from you
    Hello dear seller about week ago,I bought your stuff, but I still do not get this position in my account, although i have this transaction in my paypal account.
    I contacted Hipstamp client support, they recommend me to contact you attached a screenshots of my paypal and hipstamp accounts.

    Here are screenshots in zip-archive:

    Please help me understand about the situation.

    Please [ click here ] to respond to this message (do not reply directly to this email - as it will not reach the other member).

    Best regards
  • I just opened a discussion item on this as I just received one. Did not see your post before I opened it.
  • I received the same message with a different sender name: "flavympano1983." Very dangerous looking. Users BEWARE!! DO NOT RESPOND in any way shape or form.
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    I received a similar message from muticdolans1984
  • I received the same message from Heiraunamen 1976
  • OMG, I just received three emails before I even saw this on the boards.

    Mine are from: lyuzutechanch1975, doparepub1978 and centfassnetna1978

    I did open a ticket about this situation. I'm also doing a full computer scan to hopefully remove any badness.
  • I've had two of them. One was posted earlier by another post on this thread and one from a cravwahongphy1974. If you click on that link it downloads a zip file, which nothing on earth would ever get me to open. Beware!
  • I received this type of message too.
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    This is the way lots of amateurs get their feet wet. In a way it's a malicious version of the old "list something for 20 times it s value, if only one person buys then it was worth it".
    It is very easy to make a link that doesn't go where it says. I have done it by accident. Clicking on a link doesn't guarantee you go where it says. Your spouse may be watching as your screen goes to some porn site!
    One of the easiest tell-tale hallmarks of most of these people is that their spelling is so bad, and grammar so poor.
    "I bought your stuff, but I still do not get this position in my account", it gets a laugh with a couple of folks sitting around after a few beers. Really now, do you want to do business with someone who talks like this?
  • I received as well this message from boajeepscoro1984. I re-directed it to hipstamp with the question, whether it´s from Hipstamp because nothing was in the members area.
  • How come I haven't received one? Just waiting to reply - " Sorry for your trouble. Please give me an address to send a refund. I only have a traveller's check for $200.00 so I am trusting you to send me back the balance minus your purchase price. I will apply some nice Nigerian stamps on my letter."
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