London International Stamp Exhibbition 1950

Is this listed in Scott anyplace?

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  • As the so called Souvenir Sheet indicates it was printed by Waterlow & Sons and distributed at London International Stamp Exhibition in 1950. It is not an official post office issued souvenir sheet so it won't be listed in Scott as a Souvenir Sheet but the stamps done by the Collotype Process on the SS can be found as genuine stam,ps in Scott but printed by a diff. method and quite valuable as the genuine stamps. I think the item was given out free of charge at the stamp show and even today I don't think it has a great value but doubtless many collectors would love to have a sample. I have had a few pass thru my hands over the years. Many stamp shows issue similar but maybe not as well done for their shows even today. Trust you will find this of interest. John H. Talman
  • Always on `feebay` between £2 and £16 (wishful thinking) and always worth checking the covers if you spot them as sometimes you find them still in them along with the card inserts.
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