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  • I googled timbre 50 centimos asociacion pro enfermo lisiado, and according to the images in the search results, that label has something to do with either (or all of) Robin Williams, Theodore Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, or Mother Teresa.

  • Here is another one I can not find

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    Image (27)
  • This is a "Help Crippled Children" stamp from one of the Spanish speaking countries.
    We've had various ones here thru the years from different organizations.

    Similar to an Easter Seal fund-raising stamp.

    I'll have a look later and see if I can get you the exact country and a bit more background.
  • El Salvador Santa Ana label.
  • France stamp. Could it be #169a red brown?
  • I think it is 168 (blue) but the red paper is what is throwing me.

    Normally Scott says "paper color" in italics.
  • Hi. I have seen it and it is a "Timbre". It is not a postal stamp.
    It is difficult to explain it in english for me (I am from Spain). There is a problem with the traslation between English and Spanish. The word "timbre" could mean "doorbell", but also "stamp, seal", or "official stamp" (in a letterhead paper, for example) and formerly "postal stamp". (yes, it's a "rigmarole") :-)
    A "Timbre" in Spain (and I think in other Spanish speaker countries) was used only in "letterhead papers (official paper)" (it is the most appropiated word I have found). If you needed to make a document the state administration or sometimes in a notary, few years ago, you shoud have bought a "Timbre" to paste it in the paper (like a postal stamp). You were paying the Taxes, etc. There are collectors of these "Timbres", like the Postal Stamps ones.
    Some times, part of the cost of this "timbres", were for the charity (I think). I believe this is the case (Asociación pro enfermo lisiado = Association for disabled patients).
    It is not a Postal Stamp. In this case there are a "Patronato nacional de rehabilitación" in Costa Rica.
    I hope this have helped you and sorry for my bad English
  • I believe in the US we would call these documentary stamps.

  • Your English is Fine Rodrigo...don't worry. Your wish to share your information & knowledge with us is OUTSTANDING. Gracias!!
  • The French stamp is probably been soaked off a red envelope,the colour runs from these very easily.
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