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I received an order which was paid for with no shipping cost, when I asked the buyer to pay there reply was "Why did I not add it in" and to send a invoce and they will pay.
Question. Can I set my store to auto add shipping or does the buyer have to sellect shipping cost?

Can I send an invoice just for unpaid shipping cost?


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  • Shipping costs are set up when you open your store. If you have selected to charge no shipping, then asking the customer afterward for shipping just seems strange to me. However, go back to where you have your settings and change the shipping.

    Also, please add the link to your store so we can see what your shipping looks like and maybe help you further. I'm sure if you ask for help by opening a ticket to the staff they will be able to steer you correctly.

  • I do not have free shipping unless the buyer makes an order for £5 for local and £10 for international air mail the order was less than £10 this has only happend once befor on request the buyer bought one more stamp with shipping.
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    Huh, I saw the shipping charges. Maybe you should go ahead and open a ticket and have the staff look a little bit more into this area. Not sure why things got messed up.

    Also, let me add, this is a Holiday weekend for the USA. You might not get a reply until Tuesday.
  • This problem off shiping charges not included in total to pay is happening again.
    So far I have had 6 orders paid for with paypal with no shipping cost and again today an order from a buyer in Italy and no shipping cost. I have looked at my store and I cannot see any reason for this as shipping cost is stated on each listing. I would be very greatfull for some help as to why this happens.
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    If you go to any of your listings, and click to get a shipping rate, you'll see the shipping rate, and you will see:

    Spend $5+ for Free Domestic Shipping
    Spend $10+ for Free Int'l Shipping

    So it looks like you're currently offering free shipping when buyers spend a certain amount. You can update this, or turn it off entirely from the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Postage Setup page.
  • How will that get buyers to inclued shipping in there order? I sell in GBPounds £ so why is the offer of free shipping in US$ and most of the buyers get it right?
  • Ah ok. I see you're trying to set the free shipping promotion in GBP, but it's currently set in USD - that's the discrepancy. You should be able to switch this to GBP. Let me check your account in more detail, and I'll follow-up shortly.
  • This should be fixed now. The currency setting option was not as obviously placed as it should be. We made a quick update so it's in the exact same place as where you set the rates for free postage. I've also gone ahead and credited your account the shipping difference on the 2 orders in question.
  • Many thanks Mark my free post offers are now in £ lets hope this works.
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