Multiple purchases on the same day

I've had this happen to me a couple of times, and I'm looking for how others react in this situation.

Earlier today, I had someone make two purchases from me, with the second one being rather small (which is ok). My shipping costs are $1.00 for the first item, and then additional items are charged depending on price. In this case, the buyer paid $1.00 twice because they made two separate purchases. If they had combined, it would have only been $1.00 in total.

When this has occurred in the past, I've combined the two purchases into one envelope, sent them together, and refunded the postage that was paid with the second order. I don't ask the buyer if they want me to combine them ... I just do it.

I see two scenarios, but I'm sure there are others. First, the buyer made an honest mistake, and I'm correcting it. Of course, I'm out an additional $0.30 in PayPal fees because there is an additional fee for the second transaction, but that seems like a small price to pay in order to show the buyer some goodwill. The second option, which seems less likely but is possible, is that the buyer likes getting mail, and wants two separate mailings. In this case, I've done a disservice to the buyer, and they won't likely come back.

If you're wondering why I don't just ask the buyer what they want, you're asking a fair question. The answer is that I don't want to wait to see if they answer. I want to get their purchase in the mail as quickly as is reasonable, and move on.

I'd really like to hear other people's thoughts on this. What do you do when this happens, and why?


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  • I used to send an Email offering them to combine their order...and sometimes not getting any answer or 2 days later just a simple OK!
    So now, I automatically combine the orders and make a refund through PayPal. PayPal, does credit the associated fees...or am I wrong?
  • PayPal refunds the 3%, or whatever the % is. They do not refund the base 30c fee.
  • That's right. And HipStamp does not do partial refunds, so you can't get the portion of the fee back that represents the S/H charges you refunded to the Buyer (another point I dislike about HipStamp charging a fee on the S/H charges).
  • Ouch! I didn't know that! To make things worse, this happens usually with new buyers who are "testing" either Hipstamp or the seller and buying very low value stamps. The S/H is the "big ticket" item!
  • Yyyyyyep! Boy, I could use a "dislike button" right now (sorry.. pertains to another thread)
  • As a Seller, you can request a partial Final Value Fee Refund.

    We do not have an automated process for this (as we do for a Final Value Fee Refund on an entire order); however, if your request meets our general terms and is made within the applicable time frame, we'll be happy to help. Just send us a direct request, which you can do by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page on our site.

    For general terms on Final Value Fee Refunds see:
  • Sorry Mark. Thanks for clarifying.

    Other than using "contact Us". what (if any) steps would need to be taken in order to meet the terms? The situation of refunding a portion of S/H charges charged multiple times (over multiple transactions) isn't represented in the example. Although not applicable to the entire order, should we mark the payment status as "partially refunded", or leave it alone as "paid"?

    Also, I have one transaction where I went ahead and marked the payment status as "partially refunded" because I refunded the vast majority of the S/H charges. I noticed that the "Request Refund" button appeared on the "Account History" area. I didn't click the button for fear it would request a refund of the entire final value fee. Is that what it would do, or can I request a partial refund there? ... or is it an opportunity to build an automated partial refund from that spot once "partially refunded" is set on the transaction?


  • In general, if a buyer decides to checkout and pay for their order. Then come back, whether later that day, or the next day, etc. and places a new order, and checks out again and pays for their order - those are two separate orders. So their wouldn't be any requirement to refund part of the shipping price. However, if as a Seller you want to go ahead and refund part of the shipping charges - you can certainly do so.

    As noted, this would not fall under any of the stated terms to be met to generally file a Final Value Fee Refund Request. However, we can review requests on a case by case basis outside any of the explicit examples provided. So in that case, just send us a quick note, with a quick explanation.

    In general, we have very few Final Value Fee Refund Requests. So we're not likely to focus on extended the automated processes around these at this time. However, whether it's a custom or partial Final Value Fee Refund Request, or any other similar issue - just send us a quick Contact Us request and we'll always be quick to help as appropriate.

    Doug - Yes that would request a full Final Value Fee Refund Request. In your case just use the Contact Us form and let us know what your request is and we'll help.
  • Hi Rob,

    When we get multiple orders before the first one has been packed, we refund the extra shipping in mint postage.

    Today has been more unusual in that we received two more orders after receiving a hefty order yesterday. This time we will do the refund via Paypal as the shipping overseas mounts up.

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