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This stamp doesn't seem to be listed in Scott regular catalog. Could someone give me a # and value for MNH? I suppose its listed in the Scott Specialized. Thanks for your help!


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    Scott number is S1. Values at 50 cents in my 2015 catalog. Comes in both wet and dry printing, same value for both.
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    Wayne, you have made a common mistake identifying that stamp. Note the text in the right vertical panel. You gave the catalog number for a "savings" stamp. This is a "war savings" stamp. Scott Catalog WS7. 2017 Scott catalog value is $0.50 for MNH.

    Savings stamps (regardless of type) are found in the Scott US Specialized Catalogue.
  • Thank you, both of you for your input!
  • Of course, Michael is correct. Right direction, just one street east.
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