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A couple of weeks ago I 'discovered' eBay's Promoted Listings Marketing Tool for store owners which was released earlier this year.

Essentially you pay an additional fee you nominate to have your listings appear higher up in searches as separately promoted listings (in addition to the normal listings, which will rank further down in the search). You select the listings you want to promote and the price you’ll pay to promote them (from 1% to 20% of the item's sale price). You only pay the fee for sales directly attributed to promoted listings.

You can google 'eBay promoted listings' if you want to find out more. There's a lot more in the detail than my simplistic overview.

Two weeks in and the experiment in testing it out is far exceeding my expectations. I went for 3% and nominated all my listings. I've seen a 30% increase in sales as a result of promoted listings, but even more than this as those buyers are buying more than just the stamp that was purchased from clicking the promoted listing.

Has anyone else tried this and what was/is your experience?

Would you like to see a similar Tool on HipStamp?


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    Hi Rod

    Yes, it works well. I put 10 items on the Promoted Listings and in less then a week they alll sold. Price range from $40.00 to $300.00.

  • Just a followup report on eBay's promoted listings. Sales there have increased a staggering 55.4% since using this feature.

    Mark, can you consider something similar for HipStamp?
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    I'm aware of the feature you are referring to, and it actually existed on Etsy well before ebay. So it is on our radar and we may consider something similar in the future.
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