When listing stamps when I put in the Main Category "Palestine" the country name comes up "Palestine Authority" instead of "Palestine"?
Both countries has their own catalogue numbering system for 1 to ...



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  • Robert: Just recently I was thinking of listing some of the 1918/1945 Palestine stamps and I recalled your thread. Not sure if this was a recent change perhaps brought up because of your input above but now they have two listings for new listings. They are Palestine and then Palestine Authority. Both seem to work and come up with Middle East ahead of stamp issuing name. Each site contains some of the other - Palestine Authority in Palestine listing of offers and Palestine in Palestine Authority listing of offers. It would be nice if each listing only contained the stamps found under the name in the catalogue. I am curious to know if change to main category listings only came in after your thread was published. HS says they keep an eye on Forum and are working on many things brought up in the threads.
  • I just added some Palestine and the Detail section still comes up as Palestinian Authority, Not a big deal but needs to be corrected.
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