Koala Capers

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Every now and then there's an irresistible story about this critter in the local news. Here's one to kick off with.



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  • It's a shame about the joey, but good to hear Mum was doing fine. Koala's are perhaps one of my favorite marsupials.
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    Koala has lucky escape after becoming stranded at Westernport
    8th October 2017.
    Sources: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/koala-has-lucky-escape-after-becoming-stranded-at-westernport/news-story/0f0c486ff94acc58700767d3d589fa0d?nk=c776e0b46630a2711bb489224ef53070-1507763065 http://mpnews.com.au/2017/10/10/soggy-koala-finds-solace-in-blanket/
    A KOALA had a lucky escape this morning after it was found stranded 300m from land on swing moorings of a boat in Victoria’s Westernport.


    The Victoria Coast Guard were attending a routine boat breakdown in Warneet when the crew came across the stranded koala in an awkward position around 10am.

    The koala was founded stranded 300m from landed.

    The koala clung onto the rope until rescuers arrived.

    Free at last. The koala is released into nearby bush.

    COAST Guard volunteers based at Hastings had an unusual passenger on Sunday – a koala rescued from a mooring off Warneet.

    The koala was picked up after being found shivering on the mooring about 100 metres from the jetty.

    The rescue boat was on its way back to Hastings at about 9.30am after towing two men in a tinny to Warneet whose engine had broken down off Crawfish Rock.

    “I saw the koala on the mooring and at first thought it was a stuffed toy,” rescue boat crew member Sean Hannam said.

    “We turned the engine off and I threw a blanket over him while I was standing on the ladder at the back of the boat. The rest of the crew stood on the side to balance the boat.

    “The koala didn’t struggle and we took him ashore and released him on Quail Island.”

    Mr Hannam said it was the first time he’s been involved in rescuing a koala, although he’d been told it wasn’t unknown for koalas to be found in waters near Warneet.

    “Wrangling him on board and releasing him was a team job,” he said.
  • I would take that little one home and love him and then maybe release him!

    Seriously, that is a heartwarming story. Poor little one was so scared, you could see it in his eyes. So glad the boaters were able to rescue and safely release.
  • An Adelaide Hills resident's shock quickly turned into relief, and then amusement, when she realised the footsteps of the late-night intruder she could hear belonged to a koala.

    "It was like footsteps but there was an element of scratching there as well … and then my dog Charlie started to bark and he's not much of a barker," she said.

    "For a moment it went through my mind 'there's someone in the house'.

    "The heart was pounding a little bit because I knew something was going on."

    Ms Robertson woke her husband who got out of bed, went into the loungeroom and then turned the light on.

    "He went 'it's a koala' and then I went running into the loungeroom and couldn't believe what I was seeing," she said.
    "There was a koala sitting on our lounge … he was making himself at home.

    "At first we didn't quite know what to do with him. But he got off the lounge and walked around the loungeroom into our dining room.

    "He was trying to climb up our dining room chairs to get onto the table."

    As they were working out how to usher him out the house the koala, whom they nicknamed Kevin, continued to explore.

    "We've got a stand of CDs and he was kind of looking at the CDs," she said.
    "There's a huge variety there — anything from rock through to country — but I couldn't quite say what his musical taste is.

    "He didn't show any signs of aggression. He seemed quite happy."

    The mild-mannered marsupial had entered the home through the back door, which the couple had left open to keep the house cool.

    After about 20 minutes, Ms Robertson and her husband eventually managed to coax their uninvited guest into leaving.

    "He quite happily ended up walking out the back door and he found a tree in the backyard to climb up. He was fine," she said.

    "Fortunately there was no mess to be cleaned up.

    "I think if there was a possum in there we would have had a harder task of trying to get a possum out."

    source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-01/koala-enters-adelaide-hills-house-and-surprises-residents/10772522
  • Thirsty koala asks cyclist for drink as temperatures in South Australia reach 40 degrees

    A South Australian cyclist has been approached by a thirsty koala searching for water, as a heatwave continues to grip the state.

    Anna Heusler was riding with a group of friends towards Adelaide from the hills region on Friday when the marsupial approached her.

    The temperature had reached 40 degrees.

    "Despite seeing koalas all the time while cycling, this one approached me immediately and climbed up on my bike for a drink from my water bottle," Ms Heusler told 9news.com.au.

    "The koala was definitely looking for a drink. It was an amazing experience that is still bringing a smile to my face."
    She captured the incredible moment in a video and series of images she posted to Instagram, which are now receiving worldwide attention.

    "There were about a dozen cyclists around me watching this (all men) and several commented that it was genuinely the best thing they've witnessed," she wrote on Instagram.

    source: https://www.9news.com.au/national/thirsty-koala-approaches-cyclist-for-drink-as-temperatures-reach-40-degrees-sa-heatwave-video/331865bb-65f6-4a92-ba92-a5ed655cc4b8koala_drink
  • That is awesome. I love koalas and some day I hope to go to Australia and see them live. We have them here but we can't hold one.
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    Hi Luree, sadly with the recent devastating bush fires here we've lost a huge numbers of koalas.

    "One of Australia’s most famous animals is now a threatened species, with the country’s bushfire crisis wiping out huge numbers of koalas.

    Sussan Ley, the environment minister said Friday that the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, home to a sizeable part of Australia’s koala population, may have lost 30 per cent of its koalas.

    In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ms Ley said 30 per cent of koala habitat had been destroyed in the region.

    She added: “We will know more when the fires are calmed down and a proper assessment can be made”.

    Before the fire crisis began it was estimated that up to 28,000 koalas lived in the Mid North Coast.

    source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/12/27/australia-fires-fears-sydneys-water-supply-firefighters-tackle/
  • Once upon a lifetime ago the care center there was doing some fund raising and I adopted a Koala. It was so much fun chatting with the people about my adopted bear. I'm so sorry to hear so much devastation has happened all over Oz for so many people and animals.
    Thanks for posting about these amazing little marsupials.
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