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Recently, we have had a few questions around forum guidelines and moderation. As a result, we have taken the time to update our Forum Guidelines within our Terms and Conditions to provide better clarity as to expected contributions and acceptable activity within our forums. Please take the time to review our updated Guidelines under "Community Forum Guidelines" in our Terms and Conditions (a little past half way down the page):

A few key highlights (I've left out the full description of some of the below items here, but details/examples are in our terms):

No trolling

No badgering

No spamming

No necroposting - the posting of either irrelevant replies, or replies which do not add any additional value to the original topic, on very old topics.

No bumping - the act of posting simply to encourage other members to reply to a topic, either frequently, more than once in a row, or within short period of time.

No hijacking of topics by changing the subject. If you want to change the subject, please start a new topic. Note that if a member creates a post which is indirectly related to the original topic and/or last post, or in the general spirit of a conversation (including in jest) which would take place about the topic - this is not considered hijacking.

No cross-post hijacking of topics - if other members have asked a specific question, do not attempt to change said topic into another discussion of an item you have already raised in another topic.
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