NOW Thru October 29 - 40% OFF MY ENTIRE STORE

No Code Needed and No Minimum Dollar Amount Required !



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  • Just to be clear - Have you already calculated the 40% off on your latest prices or does the last price shown allow buyers to take 40% off. Some prices seem to show 40% off, some seem to show 40% off after you check listings. Sorry but no sure where 40% off comes in. Thanks for an explanation.
  • This has always been the way Hipstamp and the prior system Bidstart worked. When you set up a sale it automatically marks down the price by the percentage discount. There are other types of sales that do not show the discounted price if it is dependent on a dollar amount spent or requires a special code to be entered. This is a flat 40% off - so Hipstamp has already marked the prices down on all items automatically.
  • Not sure if I got there before they all clicked over but now they all seem to include the 40% off. I guess this answers my question. Thanks.
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