I would like to suggest adding COLLECTIONS to the Browse drop-down menu, on the same level as Topicals, or Publications & Supplies or Specialty Philately. For collectors interested in collections, this title would stand out and might attract more collectors.
Just a thought.


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  • To me the word "COLLECTIONS" means a collector made collection or something approaching this type of selection of stamps, Lots of duplicated stamps, which I would call a wholesale lot are often called a collection on Hip Stamps. You also see a selection of very few stamps called a Collection on Hip Stamps many with less than 20 stamps. If such listings also wound up on the "COLLECTIONS" list it clutters up the listing of real collections with some meat to them. Members should be asked what they would like to have listed under "COLLECTIONS" if HS decides to start such a listing.
  • I list collections as such
    a) CV greater than US$30
    b) No duplication
    c) no minimum cv items
    ) minimum $5 to $50+ (rare) listing price
  • A collection is any gathering of stamps sorted/unsorted or involving doubles. I have started posting small assortments starting at a penny.
  • Those were the days - we called unsorted stamps a mixture. Many diff. dealers would say 5 diff. or 10 diff. or might ad mint or used if they were all one or the other. I don't recall any dealer calling them a collection but they probably used the word packet. Doubles in quantity were called a wholesale lot, if the lot contained a number of stamps. I am still not familiar with calling such small lots collections and I think it degrades real collector formed collections. Maybe the times I am familiar with have changed to some degree in some circles.
  • You are right there all several different subcategories but it would be nice to have a collections section to start with, baby steps.
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