New Scott Specialized U.S.

A happy day here. New catalogue arrived in the mail. I haven't had a brand new edition in 10 years!

I think the ink is still wet.



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  • I love new catalogues.
  • Hi Kurt, I wish you 10 years of Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous use of your new Catalog.
  • Thanks! Although I didn't realize it when I ordered this catalog originally, this is going to turn into my retirement catalog so to speak. The original plan for retirement was four years out but after crunching numbers and consulting the crystal ball to predict the future my wife and I realized there was actually no need to wait for four years and that I could take the early retirement option in a meager 11 months. So here's to the next 48 weeks! (Of course me being me I simply won't be able to just sit around the house week after week - I'll get some part-time job out there purely for the entertainment value and maybe some bonus stamp funds but at least it won't be anywhere close to the full time grind in the salt mines anymore).
  • Sounds like a plan. In fact, it sounds like my own plan - counting down, 3yrs 3mos.
  • 3 months, 24 days!! :smiley:
  • Less than 44 months! I tried the day count and confused myself, so I'm going with months. Sounds so much easier. Actually the exact day of last physical working would be May 31, 2021, then for my two weeks notice I'll be taking all my vacation and personal days.
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