Print issue with various browsers

My first HipStamp order came in so I tried printing it out using the browser I normally use, Chrome which happens to be a recent installation. I use Windows 10. Well, the HipStamp logo came out but the rest of the order was blank and two pages came out. Using Firefox, I got two pages, the first being the logo and top portion of the invoice. The stamps purchased printed out fine on page 2.
Finally, using Edge, the invoice printed as I expected. The only issue was a second blank page accompanied it. I realize this is likely an issue with my browsers. Has anyone else experienced printing issues like this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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  • How many items were in the order you were printing?
  • Once you went to the Print Invoice page, did you click on the blue Print button. I've moved this to the top of the page so you shouldn't miss it. When you click on this button, certain areas of the page are hidden from printing, etc. So it should work better than just pressing Ctrl-P or selecting Print from your browser menu.
  • Yes, I used the blue Print button. I just tried a 25-stamp order which printed out fine in Chrome with one blank page. But that is probably due to it being 25 stamps. Other smaller orders have printed ok. Just a little mystery and not worth any more time on it. Thanks.
  • I have been having issues using Firefox. The invoices are always cut off on the right side even when I use the "fit to page" option. Works fine with Chrome but I do not use Chrome that often. Can we find out what to do to get the invoice to fit correctly when using Firefox?
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