My History.

I do not suppose that any one is interested but here goes.
I am 91 years old and was born in Vienna.Austria. when I was4 years old we moved to New Zealand. My grand parent kept in touch by mail using interesting Austria stamps. That started it. my fater and I started collecting stamps. since then I have never stopped.
I now live in the Froze hell known as Canada. how and why is another story.
At various stages in my life I have been an importer of world wide stamps supplying local dealers and a part time dealer on the internet (hipstamp). Unfortunately this has gone bust due to an unknown Bas----d contacting various philatelic organizations which has caused an almost complete loss of customers.
I am a retired high school principle on a fixed income and at my age I have decided to sell off my personal collection and stock as none of my children and grand children are interested in philately. I guess I should have mentioned this earlier.
Well I think that is enough for now.
Hope I have not bored you too much.
All the best.


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  • I will contribute an autobiography, as soon as I find an interesting subject.
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    Well Canada can be frozen but I wouldn't call it hell. and every time the MD's devise another test or detect another flaw in my old body I'm glad I'm here and not back in the US. Our taxes are high but its nice when I go to hospital my only financial worry is paying for the parking. I would, however, gladly trade Canada Post for the US Post Office.
  • Dennis: From what I hear from people (And I am not sure how they found out!) Hell is very hot and obviously based on past trends Canada will be cold for many months starting now or sooner in some parts. Cornel- Please provide some details where the unknown woman or man contacting various philatelic organizations has taken place? In Your Open Letter thread just below this one several people checked and could find no bad comments made of you. They did find many, many people who were trying to help you on your threads.
  • hell freezes

    I couldn't help myself!
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    Luree: Did you get "S8N" O/W known as Michael to Hellp you?
  • About 150 miles SW of where I live. Quite the tourist town. Who wouldn't want to be married in Hell Michigan.
  • I would love to send some postcards from there with the inscription "wish you were here" ;-)
  • There's another one,no cold, no snow.Hell (1)

  • Cornel, living in paradise all my live, so far, I don't understand the snow and the love some people have for it. Just as they don't understand how I could live and survive in the humidity all the time! Different strokes ....
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