SolvedEBay sync again not working

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Item No 23245759268 sold on HipStamp 5 days ago and still in my EBay store.. ;-(

Why it not work (again)......


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  • Sorry, forgot the 7 ~ Item 232457592687
  • Same like 322315204789, 232132663632, 232132663685, 322316038320, 322316038393 and 232132687553.

    Also sold 322316069104 on the other site on 5th of Dec, but Hipstamp not updated the info, so I am out of stock.
    But on the 14th of December, a buyer purchased it again on HipStamp. I am really pissed about this.
  • Hi Frans,

    It appears that this issue was not related to the Ebay Sync feature. Most of your items are being synced from Ebay through the Ebay Sync feature. However, you also had a few dozen items which were imported from bidStart - and were not in sync with Ebay. It appears that these were just duplicates of your items on Ebay as well (but were not part of the Ebay Sync process and not being kept in sync in any way).

    I've gone ahead and removed all of these items for you, so you shouldn't have any further issues moving forward.
  • Sync still not work. It takes me one day to delete all items manually.
    And , I checked, all items were listed the last 6 months, so no imports from old BidStart !
    What is happening on Hipstamp ?

  • ✔️ NIUE 1902/1903 - TAHA PENI OVERPRINT - * MH OG (o) [1.14.33]
    (#15690328) (E:322715730834) - Sold on EBay one month ago , now sold on Hipstamp !

    ✔️ GERMANY NAZI REICH 1940 - HITLER ANNIVERSARY - MI. 744 (o) [20.2008]
    (#16699898) (CV 8) (E:232558982252)

    ✔️ GERMANY NAZI REICH 1941 - HITLER MUSSOLINI ALLIES - MI. 763 (o) [20.1013a]
    (#16699883) (E:232558982250)

    Same, same, same...

    How do I explain to my buyer ? Sorry sir : "Hipstamp is not working properly ?"

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    Hi Frans,

    Can you please try the following. Sign in to your HipStamp account, and go to the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Ebay Sync page:

    And click on the Disable button. Then click on the Enable button, and re-enable the sync. Check back in an hour after then, and let me know if you still have an issue.
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