Great Britain Machins Question (Identification)

The image on the left has security features, the one on the right does not. One I believe would be MH373, though not too sure.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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  • The stamp on the right, without security features ( the two die cut slits) is, as you say, MH 373 - also SG Y1744. Scott describe is as cerise.. it is of course magenta :-) it has 2 phosphor bands.

    The security Machin (with the two die cut slits) the stamp on the left .... well..... there are two "basic": issues.. SG U2921 issued 2009 which has no source code and no date code.

    and, there were 2 further issues which had no source code with a date code. Date code was M11L and M12L. These are listed by SG as U2931. Issued 2011 and 2012 respectively. These are all listed as one by Scott as MH386 ( as far as I can tell) again described as cerise when magenta is the correct colour description.:-)

    I hope this is useful.

    Happy New Year Michael cddstamps where you will find over 2500 Machins.. and more to be loaded, one day....

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    Michael, yes that was most informative! And I know that I am swimming in Machins! I must have more than 5,000 - 10,000 of them around here! I once calculated that it would take me more than 119 years to list all of my collection online! And that was before I received my Uncle's Collection!

    Looking for tiny details within the stamps (all types now), sure makes my eyes hurt many evenings, and I just have to put the hobby down for a few hours!

    Early American stamps are the worst for my eyes! I can't wait to visit my Uncle in California this year so he can pass down his favorite tips on US Stamp I.D.

    Once again Michael, thank you very kindly for taking your time researching my question! I sure hope it helps others as well!

    What a wonderful community we have here, eh?!

  • Michael, Hi.. thank you for the reply and I am so glad it helped. I know what you mean about thousands of Machins. I really enjoy studying them.. So many collectors do not of course but we all enjoy something different and that makes philately so interesting. Just make sure you have a good magnifying glass and good lighting, as I am sure you do . most often the date and source code are pretty easy to see - if you want more details - Scott really is not the best for Machins - just email me at and I can offer more places to look. Happy New Year Michael cddstamps
  • Michael, I have since acquired a wonderful PDF document from the Modern British Philatelic Circle named Security Codes. I had no idea Machins went this deep!!! Wow.

    Also another PDF I located is from Robin Harris, seems to be Canadian, who has put out a document titled Machins 101.

    I have much learning to do on the topic! I think I'm in for a big treat during off/down time.

    Yes, BTW, I do have a circle florescent light w/ magnifying glass, clamped on my desk here to my right. I also clean the platen of my scanner and increase the scan to 1200dpi for the real nasty ones!

    It sure looks like it will be a very interesting year indeed!

    Best Regards, Michael
  • Michael, one more for you then.. I highly recommend this

    MBPC is excellent, I am a member and recommend joining if you have not already done so.

    Good luck and enjoy Michael

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