Old requests revisited

Just a friendly reminder...These abilities would be most welcome!
1) when creating a listing go directly to final page (or, better, to any of the four pages from any of the four pages)
2) when searching, use immediately preceding search parameters as default.
Thanks again for your consideration.


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  • Great idea, it was on bidstart, bring it back, would save me a lot of time, I use the first two pages. Actually if they were to have page one like the edit page I would be all set.
  • Thinking of old requests, a while back in the first days of Hipstamp, suggestions were asked re Topical subjects, I for one sent a list of subjects...and that was it! Any news?
  • I'm still putting keywords in the Details section with the hope that you will eventually be able to search the details section.
  • Same here, Bob. I really miss that capability from BidStart, along with the ability to create custom searches. This would really make it much easier for me to market certain topics, types and categories of my HS listings on social media.
  • I miss that capability of searching for words in a description, too -- although I must say, on BidStart I probably used to spend way too much time writing long descriptions that contained all the searchable words I could think of in describing the FDCs I put up for auction.

    Potential bidders probably took one look at my lengthy descriptions and looked elsewhere . . . but I also thought I was describing the item really well for anyone that was interested.

    HipStamp, with its decision not to let buyers search through keywords in a description, has cured me of that obsessiveness! My descriptions - and the time spent writing them - have been greatly shortened! :smiley:
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    I don't write long descriptions, but I do put in names of people portrayed, Olympic athletes and their events, or artists and their works, etc. Because I also list some items on e***, where there is a description search, I do the work anyway.

    For individual stamps, that info can usually be included in the title, but for sets of stamps (especially countries that commonly issue sets), it ends up being in the description.
  • If I could be told definitively that this functionality will never be available, i will, like Dave, stop obsessing about putting keywords in my listings.
  • Depends what you mean by 'will never be available'. So many new feature requests have been made here going back to day 1 that haven't been addressed that I've simply given up bothering. I would say mostly whatever is asked for 'will never be available'. When was the last time a newsletter was sent out announcing implementation of feature requests?
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