Exchanging stamps at the post office.


was wondering if in the US you can exchange in the post office, large amounts of small face value stamps (MNH) with a larger value stamp.
Here in Switzerland I can go at the post office with 30x.010cent stamps, and exchange it for one 3.00 CHF stamp(it takes less space for postage

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  • In Canada many of the Post Offices these days are semi-privately run and operate out of a major drug store. The clerks are always fascinated by the older stamps I use on my mail and I have brought some of the mint stamps there to exchange for higher values. With today's postal rates one always needs higher values. Probably not authorized by Canada Post but what they don't know won't hurt them. As for the USA I am sure the authorities don't want to start doing this but what goes on among friends may make for an interesting story. Happy New Year all!
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