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The stats for this category "Announcements" show zero participation for the months listed under the various categories. I thought I would question this as to what could be listed under Announcements but found that I was unable to list anything under that category and thus was unable to ask any questions there as to what the category is used for. I wouldn't mind making an ANNOUNCEMENT from time to time but that category doesn't seem to be working. If the category is finished may I make a suggestion that another category be put in its place. Perhaps "Greetings and Celebrations" as a category. During only the last few weeks I have seen "Happy New Year" with four participants thus far. Merry Christmas with about 8 participants and Happy Holidays wit about 10 participants. I have also seen Happy Easter and Happy Thanksgiving, etc. over the year. By giving these a different category it may open this up to many more events such as the Chinese New Year which starts on Feb.16th this year of the Dog. I love to see the fun from the Munich Beer Festival and enjoyed my visit to that event years ago. Hip has 757 stamp stores and many collector members. A separate category may encourage a few more of these people to participate in these major events. John Talman


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    Announcements is not an actual category. Our Staff can "Announce" posts within any category - which essentially pins them to the top of the category. Those posts would also be able to be found aggregated under Announcements. We don't generally use this feature, and when we do, it's only temporary.

    In general, any of the posts you're describing are welcome in our Chatter forums.

    From our community guidelines, describing each forum:


    This is a place to get advice and talk about business related topics with the community. Post there if you want to discuss business matters, ideas on how to improve your Store, or anything else related to selling and buying on Hip eCommerce.

    This section can also be used for all non-business related conversations. It's a place for you to connect with community members and discuss a wide range of topics. Get creative!
  • I like your first two lines describing chatter and this is certainly very helpful from a business stand point. However, putting non-business related conversations under the same thread making members miss many great points that are made in the business part of the chatter. Four to ten people making a social comments may quickly move something important about buying or selling on to the more discussions section which may be missed by a member trying to pick up some ideas on improving their business or helping someone who might find that info useful. By all means keep the social greetings in the Forum just don't let them interfere with some useful info for members. If you want to keep Announcements, even if you don't use it very often, fine but lets not let the social greetings interfere with the business side of Chatter. Happy New Year.
  • Hello John

    If you don't like the way this forum works or is managed, then do us a favor and start your own forum on another site.
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    John Coles: I was busy watching the IIHF Hockey and couldn't respond to your message. Canada won Gold and congratulations to the USA for getting a Bronze. All the players are great and played their hearts out. Thanks for not using LOL this time I might not know what you meant and it is getting a bit tired. . How did my comments above change to what you wrongly said. I only suggested that Chatter as Mark mentioned in the two lines above be kept for business. Some other thread could be started for all non-business related conversations and lets add Nascar that you like. I am not removing anything from the Forum I am only trying to suggest that all such things be put in a different thread. I didn't know what the Announcements Category was until Mark explained it and I have no objection to it if Hip thinks its worthwhile. Please give me a better explanation of why you object to this change.
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