Ashes over! Well done Aussies, let's celebrate with a sale on Australia stamps, 20% off: read more

Well it was a deserving victory, sad as it may be for the English team.

And, since I will be in Sydney on 18th/ 19th we will have a 20% off sale on all Australia stamps. AND, I hope this is useful for you, I will mail all orders, received from today, from Sydney. For Australia / New Zealand customers this will surely mean a much faster delivery time. I expect also faster delivery for US and Canada customers.

I will also use nice Australia commemoratives wherever possible.

A chance to get some of those Australia gaps filled, especially the perforation varieties, imperf margins and other varieties like self adhesive and ordinary gums, that you might be missing. Or any other country of course, from our stock of over 35,000 stamps.

We have 9000 Australia stamps in stock; we hope you enjoy searching. Regards Michael cddstamps

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