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Is this a Polish stamp?
Please identify country and Scott No.

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  • This is from a fantasy issue in 1818, not valid for postage. Chęciny is a village southwest of Kielce. No listed in Scott or Michel to my knowledge.
  • err, 1919...
  • This is what makes stamp collecting interesting. I have been in the business since the 1950's and to the best of my memory I don;t recall seeing one of these. Fantasy or not thanks for the explanation and the photo. John Talman
  • John:
    If you would like this stamp let me know.
  • Robert: I appreciated seeing it but the shipping may be worth more than the stamp is worth to me.Paul says a 1919 issue and stamp shows 1919 year. I still wind up buying many stamps at my advanced age. Most of the ones I wind up with are Great Britain, British North America and other British Commonwealth and I still run Public Auctions, selling the world from time to time. You didn't mention a price but perhaps you could put it on Hip Stamps as an auction item - start at a low price and see what happens. Some Polish specialist might love it. You can use Paul's info in your description for the lot. Good luck. John Talman
  • There are 8 stamps of this type, 2,3,4,8,10,12 and two 5 in different colors.
    They exist both perforate and imperforate.
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