Russia ?

Need help identifying this stamp - Scott No. PleaseImage (27)


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  • Latvia - Prepared in 1919 but never placed in Use. Set of 8 Imperf $1.00 - Reprints & Counterfeits exist.
  • Jeri:
  • Interesting that entities would bother to produce counterfeits and reprints for items never issued and valued now at $1.00. Would the counterfeits be worth more to a collector who specializes in such?
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    The Russian occupation stamps were prepared for issue towards the end of World War I. By the time the stamps were ready for distribution, control of the postal system had been returned to the Latvian government. With the cancel of the stamps being released, the stamps found their way into the hands of some unscrupulous German dealers. Those dealers offered the stamps a high prices to collectors. Thus, enter the forgers who created "cheaper" versions that are very common, and wound up in the packet trade and many stamp albums.

    Genuine examples and counterfeits are plentiful and not worth much.
  • Robert, the stamp in your image looks like a forgery, by the way. (Bottom point of the eagle's tail does not touch the line below it; the upper edge of the colored background of the number tablet is straight, instead of dipping slightly towards the numbers).
  • Michael:
    Thanks - have posted the lot of 8 for 50 cents.
  • Michael is right, The example pictured is a forgery, I have seen 1000s of these. The forgers really went to town with this set. A dollar would be too much to pay for a forgery single.

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