An Auction You are Watching on HipStamp is About to End!

I have missed out on *many* bidding opportunities because I only get this warning via email 1 hour before the auction ends. I do not check my email every hour, so it would really be appreciated if there could at least be a setting where this warning email could be sent out 2 or even 4 hours before the auction ends. I suppose it would not be a great revelation to anyone to know that eBay sends these warnings out ~4 hours before the auction ends, which I find to be a good amount of lead time. Thanks.


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  • If a warning only one hour before auction ends results in missed bids this may result in lower prices due to the missed bids. Therefore, if a two or four hour warning helps people to bid should help competition for lots and thus higher realized prices for sellers. As a seller I love to see competition so would agree with increasing the warning time!
  • The problem is worse if like me you live in Western Australia, these notices come in the middle of the night and early morning. I do not get the notice until hours after the auction closes.
  • I agree with you Reg. I live in Germany, and all auctions seem to close between 1-3 AM, so if I am not specifically watching out for an item, I miss it. Getting the notice after I go to bed doesn’t help me.
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