Listing items in ascending order in a store

When I or shoppers view my store, the default presentation shows my items in a rather random order, probably related to posting sequence. I'm aware I can, by using the "sort by" button, choose "country/catalog number" which shows my listings in the desired ascending order. Is there a way to make that my default orientation when first accessing my store? Thanks for any help.


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  • I agree, Ron, that this would be a nice feature. I would much prefer to see some kind of order when searching other peoples store. I did find I could save a search of a portion of my store. I asked for USA items by Scott number and then saved that link.
  • The forum community has often impressed me with their collective experiences and input. I was hoping to learn of an easy work-around from them or Mark. Nothing so far. What I have noticed is an apparent agreement that this might be a beneficial option by the "likes" among the relatively modest number of viewers to this point. I have followed this posting up with an email requesting consideration of enabling the already existing mechanism to choose this ascending orientation to be implemented at a seller's option to make this their default order. Blame it on the German in me.
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    Ron, I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than I would give you a good answer. Until that happens, I can only offer up what I do sometimes when I provide my store's url address in a link.

    Instead of the default store link:

    ... I provide the link that includes the command to sort my listings by country and catalog order:

    It's basically a low-tech workaround, and, of course, it doesn't work if someone just happens to stumble upon your store.

    So, for several years, I had that second, longer link in my signature on stamp discussion sites.

    However, a few months ago, I decided to go back to the original, non-sorted store link. Even *I* actually find it more inviting, and it seems to throw more recently seen items up to the top (I think).

    I do agree that it would be helpful to have what we had on BidStart: the ability to show one country first as the primary one, and then have everything after it show up in alphabetical and catalog order after that. (Plus the custom searches, like we've recently discussed again in another topic on here.)
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    I don't see where a sort by 1) country name (alphabetically), then 2) sort by Scott number really is all that important.

    If you have a store with 25,000 items, and I go to your store to see what you have in Malaysia, such an "A to Z" sort doesn't do me any good. I would have to approximate what store page contains Malaysia, and bounce around until I find it. What I do is do a store search by entering "Malaysia". Then everything that you have for Malaysia appears in the search result.

    If I don't have a Scott catalog, the sort by Scott number is meaningless.

    If your answer is that searching the store for "Malaysia" is what should be done, then that only validates that the "A to Z" store sort doesn't matter. So, what is the fixation to have things line up in an order that isn't helpful anyway?
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    I'm not sure I'll participate on here anymore.

    If one wants to encourage a sense of community, or at least a place where at least people can discuss their concerns, please try to avoid using disparaging labels. Not trying to start an argument, but I thought that comment needed to be addressed.
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    With regards to the original question, we had a similar question submitted via our Support Portal recently as well, asking if we would consider changing the default sort order to "Country/Catalog"; as well as adding an option to do so for specific Stores (by the Seller). Here's the answer we provided:

    Currently, the default sort order which is used within HipStamp, as well as within HipStamp Stores is the "Best Match" sort order. This is not a random order, but a custom algorithm we have built, which takes into account a wide variety of factors, and is designed to result in the most amount of sales based on testing, both within HipStamp in general, as well as within HipStamp Stores. This is the reason this is our default sort order, as opposed to other options we make available, as this sort order performs the best with regards to sales.

    With that in mind, we would not change the default sort order to another option, as extensive testing and work on our Best Match algorithm currently provides the best rate of sales for HipStamp, and for our Sellers.

    That being said, we appreciate the feedback from yourself, and other members in our community forums. Feature requests are an important part of our product development process, and help to guide and prioritize new features, along with many other factors. With that in mind, while this feature is not currently planned, we'll keep it in mind. For more information on how we use feature requests, please see the following:
  • I am encouraged that management (Mark) is responsive to our inquiries/requests; though, in this case, it wasn't what I wished to hear. When I visit any Hipstamp store, I have to be mindful to activate the "sort" option each time. I guess I was slow on the uptake on this as "country/catalog" didn't immediately translate to me ascending order. I hope/trust most viewers are more intuitive than I in wending their way around the stores.
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    On a related note, we are working on a Saved Searches feature, which will allow you to save specific searches, including sort options, and easily access those searches again. You will also have the option to receive email updates when new items matching your searches are listed. This should be available within the next couple of months.
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    Thanks, Mark, for these replies.
  • "You will also have the option to receive email updates when new items matching your searches are listed."

    This would be FANTASTIC! . . and I know for me it will lead to many more purchases!!
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