Yet another post office complaint

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I want to share the message I just send someone in Canada who purchased some stamps from me, the name and amount have been omitted:

I am having problems with the mailing out of this. I usually use the post office I mentioned in my previous message because it is closer to me that the one in the city that I live. I got directions to the office in my city (I've actually never been there) but while I was looking, I noticed their reviews. Please take a look:,-87.9039382,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x0:0xc7eccdfab6fbe1cb!8m2!3d30.6034345!4d-87.9017495!9m1!1b1


So, I will have to wait another day or two before my original location gets their equipment fixed, and if not then will find another post office to mail it from. I want to make sure I have some sort of receipt in case the stamps don't arrive. I don't expect this, I have sent things from the US to Canada before using the post office I always use and never had any problem. Small orders are a different thing, I put those in my mailbox to go out. However, I have in the past two months had two orders I sent out that never arrived to the person buying.But for a $-- order I want some sort of confirmation so neither you or myself gets screwed. I hope you understand.


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  • The easiest way is to take your package to the post office with the customs form completed and attached. Ask the clerk to scan the customes number and hand stamp the item. By the time you get home, the Customs "tracking" number will show up on the web as "accepted". Print that our, attach it to your copy of the customs form and (ta-da) proof of mailing!
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