Congratulations George DeKornfeld

George deKornfeld has an article published in this month's "American Philatelist," magazine of the American Philatelic Society. The article explores the topic of dragons on stamps, ahead of next month's National Topical Stamp Show.
Well done, George. I enjoyed reading it.


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  • George! What a terrific article! And believe it or not, I am sitting here right now trying to draw a dragon cachet for kids to color at the upcoming APS/ATA show in Columbus!

    As an Iceland collector, this has to be my favorite Dragon Stamp:


    But a close second is the Jersey dragon you touched on:

    Jersey Dragon FDC

    Well done!

    (and thanks for calling our attention to the article,Tedski!)

  • Thank you for your kind words ! I enjoyed writing it.
  • Dave - What a great idea creating a cachet that can be coloured-in ! I'm sure the kids will be all over that. Sadly, my medical issues preclude my attending the show so hopefully you will be able to post what you come up with...I'd love to see it.
  • Nice of you to say that, George! I promised it to them by today, so I have to knuckle down and get it done . . . and I'll try to show it here sometime this weekend!

    The layout of your article was really attractive and 'complex' - someone with a real talent for composition put that together! Kudos to them! (and to you, for giving them such neat images to work with!)

    Do you have any idea where that startling image of the blue dragon came from, the one that leads off your article?? It's slightly creepy -- but cool!

  • Jeff Stage was the APS editor I worked with who aside from being a really nice guy, clearly knows his 'stuff.' Unfortunately, Jeff is leaving the APS and is moving on to bigger and better pursuits. He won't be easy to replace. The blue dragon image was his doing. At half-time (FIFA World Cup), I'll see if I can find out its origin for you.
  • I heard from Jeff - the blue dragon was Martin Miler's doing. They're finishing up the August issue of the 'AP' today and once the dust settles, Jeff will find out the blue dragon's origin for us.
  • For those of us that do not get the APS magazine, can you post a link so I can read the article? Or maybe email it to me? Please and thank you.
  • Here's the link that gets me to George's article . . . but I originally had to enter my membership info, so I don't know if it will work for you.

    But it's worth a try! :smile: Let us know what happens - if you can't access the article I can post screen shots of the pages.{"issue_id":504374,"page":22}
  • Wow, wow, wow! Yes, the link works and George, that was really a very good article. So glad you posted this here, Ted. And thanks for the link, Dave.
  • Dave - This is what I got from Jeff regarding the dragon image:

    "I checked with Martin on the blue dragon and he said it comes from istock photos
    ... I think it is a licensing / image company.

    Martin said the fees for commercial use are pretty high - but just basic use for
    presentations or personal use are pretty reasonable."
  • Thanks Luree !
  • Congrats, George! Always nice getting published!
  • George: Excellent article with well constructed background information! Thanks for taking the time and effort to submit this!

    I also noticed that HipStamp had a full page advertisement in the first few pages of this months APS magazine offering a discount to APS readers, first time I have noticed print add for HipStamp! (going old school!)
  • Here's a mock-up of the FDC cachet that the ATA and APS asked me to make for kids to color in at StampShow next month in Columbus, Ohio.

    I think kids will like these Dragon stamps . . . especially if they read George's great article first! :smiley:

  • I got the magazine, have not read it yet. Will try tonight. Love Dragons! Used to play D&D in college. Yeah, I'm a nerd.
  • I didn't even notice the HS ad, and it's just opposite the table of contents page. LOL
    Here it is:
  • Dave - terrific job on the cover !!!
  • Dave, I think I'd have fun coloring that dragon!
  • Dave, I was thinking the same thing as Luree. You should market these as 'colour yer own' cachets. Each one would end up being a different variety (and no, I'm not joking...). I think lots of people would enjoy getting involved with having a part in the cachet, and it might make even for an interesting market ploy (admittedly, this all could be the bourbon talking...)
  • As they say, George . . .
  • George, does this mean every 15 minutes we take a shot/hit and then color some more? LOL, tie-dyed, love power flower dragons!
  • Luree - After 4 I bet you can't colour keeping within the lines ! LOL
  • 4? Oh man, after one White Russian I usually don't care. Two Wild Turkey shots and I'm considering life. 4? I'm in the corner smiling at everybody. So coloring within the lines would be a challenge. Do we get a practice page? LOL
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