35 cent stamp

How is that? "Noernberg Stamps" sending one stamp worth 35(yes 35 cents ) cents and charge Priority Mail $$ 7.00 seven Dollars.


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  • If you are outside of the United States he is charging you very close to his cost. The UPU changed the rules and now ANYTHING outside of documents mailed between countries must be sent as a "package" and meet certain requirements. He is using Endicia which has a special agreement with the USPS (postal service). If he were to walk into a post office and mail the same item the cost to Germany would be $14.00, to Australia $14.25. I believe the cheapest cost is to our neighbor Canada and I think it is around $10.00.

  • Complain to your government. They kept at the UPU to change the rule to force the USA to raise its international shipping rates. Well, your political heroes got their wish. Now you have to pay for it.
  • I quit shipping international the best that I could get at my post office is $34.25 for a $5.00 order to Great Britain.
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    Hello Klaus. Ever hear of writing someone in person to ask before bolting onto a forum to troll them in a libelous way? Not very couth. It's not my fault. It's the USPS. As Carol and others said... this is my cost. In fact, on a 35 cent stamp order, I will lose money, thanks to HipStamp and Paypal fees. I do it anyway because I love the hobby, despite apparently getting trolled in forums for it. And by the way, anyone who is not spending the correct postage to send stamps from US overseas is breaking the law.
  • I have written bevor but being a 'greenhorn' here again
    Doug Noernberg: I did the wrong thing ! I am sorry.
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