SolvedShort Words (2-3 characters) are being capitalized in descriptions

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Short words such as BUY IN SET etc are being automatically capitalized in the descriptions. I have only noticed this effect today but may of been there for some time. I have checked descriptions for other sellers and the same thing appears there. The capitalization is not there is the original listing from BidStart. I have reloaded all items today and still see the issue.


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  • Example of the capitalization for words IS, SEE, ME, YOU, MAY........
    Scott 1717; Skilled Hands for Independence Issue - Seamstress, Brooks Paste-On Cachet, Stamp Configuration IS a Single, Fdc, Flap IS Open and Cover IS Un-Addressed.
    Please SEE Scan of Actual Cover for Condition or Email ME for ANY Further Information YOU MAY Need Prior to Purchasing.
  • Should be fixed now.
  • Sure is, thanks Mark!!
  • Uh, not so fast, Mark! :smile:

    I include the following sentence in all caps in my descriptions as I did at BS.


    The following is the way it has been showing up at HS until very recently (today?).

    ALL Stamps ARE Carefully Packaged for Safe Delivery.

    The following is the current style.

    all Stamps are Carefully Packaged for Safe Delivery.

    There is still a capitalization problem of some sort. That sentence lost its lead capitalization today and the word "are" lost its caps too (which is fine), but the larger words retained their first-letter caps (which is odd).

    I also include "APS MEMBER" at the end of my descriptions and it has always shown up as "APS Member" which I can live with. That line hasn't changed today.

    None of the other text in my descriptions has experienced any capitalization problems that I've noticed. Some of my descriptions are a few sentences long and a few are two short paragraphs. I hadn't seen any problems with those paragraphs, but haven't double-checked today.

    If we can't use all caps for emphasis, what is our alternative—if any?
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    Can I suggest an alternative? I want the 142 Mexican Whooping Llamas effect for my listings! Watch at time = 3:05

  • I'll see what I can do, Doug! :smile:

    Aside from that option, I wonder if Mark will see my comment since he's marked this issue as SOLVED?
  • This should be fixed now as well.
  • Yes, Mark, it looks good now. Thanks!
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