Charge Card Charged Today

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Why was my charge card charged today, Mark? It’s not end of the month and I aways pay on the 1st of month using PayPal. If you need a loan just call me. LOL


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    You're selling too many stamps!

    per the page where you enter your credit card information:

    The purpose of adding a credit card to HipStamp is to pay for any applicable subscription fees and/or selling fees added to your account balance. Your credit card may be charged on the first of every month, and/or if your account balance exceeds $250.00, and/or if your account/subscription is closed or suspended.

    By entering in a credit card below, you agree to these terms.

    Apologies for any inconvenience/confusion - that's how it's been since day 1, but obviously only effects you when your balance is over $250.
  • Mark,

    Thanks for clarifying that as I wondering about that myself. (I usually pay before it gets that high.)
  • Sounds like a plan Mark. I will just pay with PayPal twice a month. That should take care of the problem.
    No problem, at all Mark, it's happen before but never asked LOL.

    You have done a great job in spreading the word on HipStamp. I've had many many new customers and lots of old ones.

    Have A Great Week, Mark
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