Need help with identifying this early 1903 issue with ovpt, much appreciated.


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  • I think it is a Customs Revenue Stamp, but not 100% Sure.
  • Harry, thanks for pointing me in the right direction have a few others I couldn't find that were bob as well. I was about to put them in the unidentified box of material but it's overflowing.
  • Hi Andrew, Is it possible it is a 352 or a 358? check the perfs & color wheel. The word Duanes is French for Customs. I think that may be a hand stamp & not an overprint. Harry is correct about its use. A regular issue called into Customs revenue usage. Best from the Desert, Dan
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    Dan, you are correct a 358 regular issue used for customs revenue. Thanks.
  • Nice stamp...BlueCollarWrench.
    Page 87 of M.Sadri' s book. The Iran classic Philetelic Reference. Date, 2007.
    Stamps used for customs, non postal applications.
    See Revenue catalogue by Bahreen and Brooks.
    It's on eBay for $110.00usd...
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