Ben Franklin one cent stamp -- rare OR not?


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  • Several varieties exist, and this is probably one of the more common ones, worth a few pennies. (But I can't absolutely rule out the possibility that it's Scott #594 or 596, worth thousands.)
  • Do u think it's worth going into a appraiser to look at it. I know there are several variations and differences but it would only be apparent to people who know. I don't know nothing about this stuff I just came across it :)
  • The chances of its being valuable are probably about a million to one. (I couldn't tell the difference myself.) I would say, not worth the expense of an appraisal.
  • If you are a member of APS, you can pay $5 for identification. If they can't ID it then you get a refund. If it turns out to be worth a gazillion dollars, then get it certified. Easier to sell and good for insurance purposes too!
  • Crude measurement of perforations from photo suggest it is scott 632 ( 11x 10 1/2) a most common stamp of negligible value.
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