No Invoice, No Return Address, No Feedback

Just received a large shipment from a seller in England. They provided no return address, nor an invoice, so I don't know which dealer this was. It is not incumbent on me to search through my purchase invoices to try to figure out who you are to give you feedback. For one thing, there are too many orders to sift through, and for another, I can't even be sure if the order was from HipStamp or some other (non-ebay) site from which I also make many purchases. The final point is, if I am satisfied with these stamps, I have no idea which dealer to go back to for more.

Sellers, do yourselves a favor. Identify yourselves in your shipments.


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  • Not only that, but if the address label gets messed up in handling, a packing slip provides the names of the sender and addressee. As a seller wouldn't you want your buyer to receive the package, or at the least you get it back for repackaging? If the post office can't figure out where to send or return something, it goes in the dead letter or trash pile. Don't be lazy. There's no room for it in retail.
  • As a seller I print a copy of an email I send to a customer when I ship his material that lists what I am shipping and enclose that copy in the shipment. I also try to have something in the envelope listing other stamps I have for sale. I want to tempt my customer to buy more stamps from me.
  • Hope it's not mine Ted ? I usually print off the paypal slip, place the stamps in glassine and attached to the paypal packing slip and then send in a board backed envelope with my identification on the back (so they can be posted back if lost.

  • I send an invoice of their purchase, A photo ID, my driver's license, social security number, tax return, bank statements, utility bills, names of next of kin.....but then maybe I go overboard just a little.
  • Ron - You forgot blood group & DNA Sample. I also question if the names of next of kin is good enough -why not send the next of kin too.

    Now there's an idea for a promotion - free wife and grand kids to next purchaser - (no returns accepted)
    (And if any one tells the wife I wrote that they are dead - as will I be)
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