Seller Identity

Wouldn't it be great if the seller was ID'd on the search results page to make it easier to consolidate purchases with fewer sellers and save shipping costs?


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  • Just hover over the stamp and the name of the seller appears
  • I didn't know that, Carol. Thanks!
  • I strongly recommend that you comparison shop --- look at several seller's offerings for the stamps you are interested in prior to making a purchase. Once you have zeroed in on three or four sellers who offer inventory with the quality, variety, price, and shipping terms you like, you can open each of their stores in a separate window. Use the same search routine to comparison shop across each store. I'm sure this approach will lead to multi-lot purchases from a small number of sellers and greatly decrease your acquisition costs. Please include my store: BuyBobStamps in your searches. Regards, Bob
  • Thanks Bob I will try that.
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