Use of Superlatives In Titles and Descriptions

I wish sellers would quit using superlatives in their descriptions and titles. They only clutter things up, and are very often inaccurate or immaterial.

Stating that an item is "interesting", "wonderful", "great", "fantastic", "vintage", etc., is not up to the sellers (who are of course highly biased towards their products), but for the buyer to decide if it is any, all or more of those things. Stating that a stamp is a "gem" while the stamp(s) is highly off-center or even damaged is simply false advertising. Stating that an item is "rare", "antique", etc., often implies investment potential. Unless the seller is a licensed investment broker (or similar profession), the use of such terminology could be in violation of federal law.

A restaurant places a sign outside its store that says, "Great food". Would anyone expect a restaurant to state otherwise, whether true or not? As always, it's the buyer who decides what is good and what is bad for the buyer. Please, just state the facts without the biased opinions. They don't enhance the buying experience.

I now step down from my soap box.


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  • a very nice comment, in fact a gem, or is that GEM, stunning in fact, or should we say STUNNING, no STUNNING LOOKING is better How spot on you are Michael G. well said. especially about the false advertising bit. Love your work! Michael D
  • I used to yell at my brother for using "A valuable (interesting/stunning) addition to any collection". I always figured that was obvious from the image. AND just think of all the time saved by not saying such things. Same with F-VF condition. After all, every one of of my postings are superb - all others are fine for place holders. Just ask me!
  • Michael, nice point. Maybe they need a few more years in the 'stamp' world. LOOK! CHEEP! SUPER! or the one that drives me just nuts is LQQK-experience and quality sells-always has always will, I hope. LOOK!!
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